Get Amazon Alexa Notifications For PS5

To get started, just enable the notify me skill in your Alexa App, giving it permission to send notifications to your Alexa and linking it to your Amazon account. Next, just say, “Alexa, open Notify Me” and the skill will introduce itself and send your access code via email.

You can use our contact form to send us your unique access code and we will set up your notifications against your registered account. If you unregister for email alerts, you will also unregister for any Alexa Notifications.

Please visit for official instructions on how to obtain your unique access code! Notify Me: Alexa Skills

Find Available Game Consoles With Bots

Father Christmas comes every year but even his magic has been stretched recently when it comes to putting your favourite game consoles under that tree. Although our children have been well behaved this year and despite Santa’s little Elves, having an incredible hard work ethic the production line for our latest game consoles such as the Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X is becoming a slim hope for some families. A new game console was on a lot of child’s wish list this Christmas and we understand the pressure of families searching for one. Even though we can’t guarantee you stock of these devices, three developers Danielle Smith, Shannon Miller and Joshua Duxbury have set out to program a bot to crawl the web to find you available stock!

After speaking to many family and friends, it became apparent that they were constantly picking up their phones to check if a console was available yet. We found this gap in the market and couldn’t believe Amazon and other retails didn’t offer any live notifications. But we saw where our expertise could help. Being equipped with the skills to program in multiple languages, we got together to produce a very efficient bot that crawls the web to find available stock and notifies a mailing list when it becomes available.

We are working hard to create a form to capture your contact details to notify you in real time of available stock. Think of us as your elves from the north pole – working just for you.

The form we are creating will target an Amazon item using a ASIN code and then we will match that product with similar products on a range of trusted retailers such as smyths toys, Argos, AO etc…

when you enter the valid ASIN code then a image of the product will be displayed for visibility and you will be able to complete the form for email notifications. In the future, we are also looking to provide free text notifications.

while we develop out our service, If you’d like to subscribe to our stock alert for free you can sign up using our current form below

Alexa Wedding Table Planner

So, we have come into the year 2020 with some big expectations and goals. Saying ‘I do’ to the one we love in front of all our family and friends, partying the night away and finally going on that dream honeymoon. Then it hits. COVID-19. Something that didn’t even cross our minds! Government restrictions mean that we have to put these events on the back burner or sacrifice some of the privileges… privileges like having more than 30 people attend!

I know, it’s hard but I’m positive that everyone who has had their event postponed this year will have an even better event in the future! And just to help you wedding planners out there, we have released a skill to the Alexa Skill Store to give your wedding a personal touch and much laughter. This skill provides your guests with their seating arrangements, plays music and provide a custom experience programmed by you! Not only can this reduce crowding by directing guests faster to their table but it can also be a fun, automated, contact-free experience for your guests to stay safe. Yay!

All you will need is one of the Amazon Alexa Devices and an internet connection (No WIFI? Hotspot to your phone – that’s what I did at my wedding!). There are various devices you can purchase from the cheaper Alexa Dot, Alexa Echo or even the Alexa Show ranging from as little as £29.99 to £100 depending on your choice.

Once you have your Alexa Device you can visit the Alexa Skill store to enable and install the skill on your device

You can then use the awake word followed by the skills invocation name to start interacting with the skill for example “Alexa, Find my table”. We haven’t set anything up yet though, so she will respond with a message saying that we need to visit the configuration page to set up our skill and customize the responses for each of our guests. Click Here to navigate to the skill configurator page. It’s designed to be simple to setup.

It’s quite easy to get started, we don’t need to register a new account on the configuration page, we can simply sign in with our Amazon account which will link the configuration we set up with the Alexa Skill.

We are presented by three tabs used to configure our skill and give it that personalised touch. The first section is the intro page. When we first invoke the skill an intro message will be announced to welcome guests using this skill. You can customise this as you see fit for any occasion birthdays, weddings or even meetings but seeing as we are focusing on weddings in this blog post I will write “Welcome to the Duxbury wedding”.

On the next tab, we assume you are going to have somewhere to seat your guests. In this example, we have used table names but you could keep it simple and use numbers if you prefer. It completely depends oh your table setup but these controls give us the flexibility to customise it how we see fit. As you can see I’ve named my table based on the Disney theme and I’ve called my first table “Aladdin and Jasmine”. In the Audio Reference field, I’ve added a link to an audio file that is hosted on my personal website it’s an MP3 audio file of a short soundtrack from the Disney film Aladdin called a whole new world.

We can complete the setup and associate our guests with the tables we just created. I’ve added three guests to my example

Now if we go back to our Alexa device we can invoke the skill again by saying “Alexa, Find my table” but this time she will respond with the configured responses we set up in the portal.

Example, welcome to the duxbury wedding

Example, found a table for Victoria

Okay can I get any extras?
You have fallen in love with our skill, who wouldn’t? You have just made some funny personal messages for your guests attending your wedding. Hey, you even got that music to play for your friends who just love some 80’s music! But you don’t like the look of having an Alexa device ruining your entrance looking all basic. Well next we can look at customising the style of your Alexa Device for under £19.99 we can select from some premade designs or even make our own!

We hope this skill brings to your wedding some organsiation getting people to their seats, good laughter in those personal messages you setup and great memories when you recall you tried out something new at your wedding.

Click here and follow us on our Facebook Page for updates as we continue to add more features you will love and enjoy and don’t forget to tag us in your videos, comments and reviews! All the best, The Alexa Wedding Planner Team

Manchester Hackathon


Amazing time here, free Pizza, food and shelter.. What else do keen programmers need to get enthusiastic about hacking some code? People travel from all over the world to attend these events so I couldn’t not put an application in to become a Mentor at this event.

Personally, I can’t recommend these events enough, the Hackathons are very well run and put together to embrace a creative environment. If you are at university thinking about attending your first student hack or coming to share your knowledge as a mentor you are guaranteed to be impressed with the exceptional minds that end up hacking together.

From the 10th – 12th of March in 2017 I got to experience my first Hackathon as a Mentor.

Here is a short list of some of the projects the students who attended where hacking.

Leap Motion Gaming
The Google leap motion is super fun to play around with, one of the students used the sensor capability in a game. The sensor projected the users hand in the game and enabled you to pick up virtual objects. You had to use these objects to deflect on coming projectiles coming towards you.

Message Mug
This is a mug which you could send a message or picture to via an API. It was powered by the heat of the coffee in the mug and a programmer at the Hackathon programmed it to get the latest BBC news headline when a coffee or hot water was poured into it.

Mars Rover
A little robot shaped like the mars rover, having four wheels and programmable. The robot was programmed to move around the room to specific coordinates programmed beforehand simulating some of the features the Mars Rover would be using while exploring Mars.

Hand Controlled Hover Craft (Drones)
Controlling the movement and altitude of a drone using nothing but leap motion.

Welcome to my site

Thank you for taking the time to view my blog, I’m passionate about coding and while I may only know a drop in the ocean of what is out there I intent to bring together what I do know for people with less experience and want to find study material that I spent time seeking when I first started off.

I’m usually quite an active person, despite sitting at a desk writing blogs and writing code. I enjoy pushing myself to new levels. During 2015, I’ve enjoyed swimming, football, biking and running. I’ve participated and enjoyed signing up to many running events: Mersey tunnel 10K, Bolton 10K and a Race For Life 5K. The primary goal for the future is to sign up to harder events such as iron man, tough mudder, half marathons and eventually full marathon.

Amongst my other leisure activities, I also participate in weekly Thai Boxing classes; I started this activity in May 2014, after attending on average 3 classes a week, I now help out with the children’s classes.

Even though I enjoy keeping fit, my main focus is my hobby of computer science. Initially, I like to keep up to date with applications that could benefit and improve my skills: such as automating tasks, learning new programming languages, reading forums, passing exams and certifications to keep me focused on achieving my goals. Contributing on Stack Exchange when ever I can and giving myself projects which will eventually be open source and available on my website.