Find Available Game Consoles With Bots

Father Christmas comes every year but even his magic has been stretched recently when it comes to putting your favourite game consoles under that tree. Although our children have been well behaved this year and despite Santa’s little Elves, having an incredible hard work ethic the production line for our latest game consoles such as the Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X is becoming a slim hope for some families. A new game console was on a lot of child’s wish list this Christmas and we understand the pressure of families searching for one. Even though we can’t guarantee you stock of these devices, three developers Danielle Smith, Shannon Miller and Joshua Duxbury have set out to program a bot to crawl the web to find you available stock!

After speaking to many family and friends, it became apparent that they were constantly picking up their phones to check if a console was available yet. We found this gap in the market and couldn’t believe Amazon and other retails didn’t offer any live notifications. But we saw where our expertise could help. Being equipped with the skills to program in multiple languages, we got together to produce a very efficient bot that crawls the web to find available stock and notifies a mailing list when it becomes available.

We are working hard to create a form to capture your contact details to notify you in real time of available stock. Think of us as your elves from the north pole – working just for you.

The form we are creating will target an Amazon item using a ASIN code and then we will match that product with similar products on a range of trusted retailers such as smyths toys, Argos, AO etc…

when you enter the valid ASIN code then a image of the product will be displayed for visibility and you will be able to complete the form for email notifications. In the future, we are also looking to provide free text notifications.

while we develop out our service, If you’d like to subscribe to our stock alert for free you can sign up using our current form below